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Campaign Manager

Your property listing designed then managed daily by an expert digital campaign manager to ensure you receive the best possible result.

Can’t I just do Facebook?

Yes to a point. myleadbook’s custom property audience combined with expert campaign management delivers a much deeper and targeted pool of buyers for your property.


1. First to Market.

Simply run myleadbook and the agent’s database for the first 14 days with no other advertising required.

When to list.

List pre-portal & print for 14 days.

2. On the Market.

Not sold yet?

Advertise the property to more buyers.

When to list.

List pre-portal & print for 14 days.

*Add more audience.
Select three suburbs in addition to the property’s suburb; select local surrounding suburbs or interstate suburbs to expose your property to a new market of buyers who may not be searching in the suburb where your property is listed.

How to order.

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Q. If the property doesn't sell can we buy another package?

Yes, you can purchase new packages 14 days at a time until it sells.

Q. What if we don't receive the promised enquiries?

If for some reason the promised enquiry is under delivered an appropriate refund will be offered. If the property has been advertised elsewhere during the First to Market 14 days any refund will be void.

Q. Will I see my ad?

Facebook is smart enough to know you're not a buyer so unlikely, we do however send through a preview of the live campaign.

Q. Why do we have to pay upfront?

Facebook require payment during the campaign.

Q. Will the property sell with myleadbook?

We certainly hope so, visit our Facebook page to see current testimonials.

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